Ramsch und Rosen & Die Strottern

A “strotter” in Viennese German is a tinker; someone who rummages for stuff that might be of use here or there – a quite suitable description for both bands. Just like Ramsch&Rosen, Klemens Lendl and David Müller rummage through the past, pick out the shiniest items, take them to pieces, and rearrange them to sparkle in a new light. And whenever they cannot find anything interesting, they write their own music – out of, in spite of, and because of tradition.
A booklet full of remarkably unusual texts – long forgotten and still highly topical until today – has also entered their collection. Texts by and about soldiers of WW1 – full of melancholy and homesickness. It’s going to be sad and tragic, but also enjoyable and funny. And everything in between.
Ramsch und Rosen & die Strottern sind
Klemens Lendl: Geige, Stimme
David Müller: Gitarre, Harmonium, Stimme
Julia Lacherstorfer: Geige, Bratsche, Stimme
Simon Zöchbauer: Zither, Trompete, Stimme


Christina Sanoll


“Marienkäfer” | Die Strottern + Ramsch & Rosen (YouTube Video)