Ramsch und Rosen – Rummage and Roses



World music between once and now.


Among old paintings, manuscripts, and between the lines, Julia Lacherstorfer and Simon Zöchbauer rummage for old tunes. A layer of dust carefully wiped away, what they discover usually turns out to be a treasure chest – gems to bosom and ears. Their music bridges past and present – a past when clocks ticked differently and a present where we can connect ourselves to the whole world and choose from an immeasurable number of opinions, pick the most precious, the most suitable items for our individual character. The result: A type of unique music that is inseparable from the people who perform it. It needs to take place within them, earnestly, yet with a wink. “The most beautiful moment in a concert is when everything starts to coalesce: we with our music, our music with the audience, the audience with space and time, so that only the present moment exists with its sound and image.”


Ramsch und Rosen are:
Simon Zöchbauer: trumpet, voice, zither, electr. tanpura, shruti box
Julia Lacherstorfer: violin, vocals, ankle bells, shruti box


Christina Sanoll



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