Julia Lacherstorfer | ALMA feat. Heimatorchester
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ALMA feat. Heimatorchester

“An alpine Fairytale”
ALMA is a band. And my soul.


“An alpine Fairytale” is a musical experiment.
In this project, my 4 musical companions of ALMA meet 5 incredibly energetic students of the JIM, the Jazz Department of the Linz Anton Bruckner Private University. Together, we play pieces I wrote especially for this evening; pieces that encompass everything that has touched and inspired me for the past 5 years. Alpine music that (like in a fairytale) morphs into different worlds that seemingly don’t exist – but they do exist, when we create them.



ALMA sind
Julia Lacherstorfer: Geige
Evelyn Mair: Geige
Marie-Theres Stickler: Diat. Harmonika
Matteo Haitzmann: Geige
Heimatorchester sind
Alex Kranabetter: Trompete
Sara Zlanabitnig: Flöte
Judith Schwarz: Schlagzeug
Simon Raab: Klavier
Judith Ferstl: Kontrabass